What We Do?

Our goal is for Mommies without Mommies to have a safe and understanding place to talk about what they go through.  Since it’s such a unique group, friends and family may not understand how not having the safety of a mother affects you.  It’s not something you can “just get over.”  We welcome your tears and will cry with you.  Our meetings aren’t meant to be a cry fest but sometimes we have to go through the tears to get through the pain.

Whether your mother is deceased, in jail, on drugs, or just absent from your life, Mommies Without Mommies is for you.

We’re huggers too so if you need one of those…we got you!  :)

Why Mommies Without Mommies?

I was 10 when my mother died. At the time, I was sad and knew things would be different without her but I had no idea.

I had my first child when I 20 years old and looking at my new son was bitter sweet. On one hand, I experienced love at first sight but on the other hand, I had no idea what I was supposed to do with this bundle of joy nor did I have my mother to teach me how to handle him. I got mad at my deceased mother. I needed her and she wasn’t here to help me figure things out.

“Why didn’t she love me as much as I loved my son to still be here with me? How could she leave me alone in this world and not teach me how to be a mother?” were my thoughts. I needed a hug and some support but instead felt so alone. I couldn’t go to my friends, aunts, or grandmothers because they wouldn’t understand.

In 2009, my second son was almost 2 years old and I still needed and missed my mommy. While at work, I decided I wanted and needed to do something more to help myself. In talking with a co-worker who also lost her mother at a young age, I came up with Mommies without Mommies but didn’t do anything with it.

I began to attract mothers who also lost their mothers and had some of the same issues I had with raising their children without a mother’s guidance. In 2014, at the same job I came up with the concept at, I decided I was going to make Mommies without Mommies something real…and here we are.

Sararsha Glover

Sararsha Glover

Founder/President/Expert Hugger